Friday, February 3, 2012

Quiz -- Yay.

I have to credit my wife for finding quiz - and for finding the Run GingerFoxxx, Run blog and the super-cool Chicago Running Blogs page. Anyway - I have a post coming about IT Band Syndrome (damn running injuries), but for now:

1.      Why do you run?
The first thing that popped into my mind was, "because I'm good at it". I guess if I wasn't good at running, I probably wouldn't have stuck with it...that's become a secondary reason though. I would say that now I run because a) it helps me relieve stress, b) it helps me focus my energy and c) I love racing.

2.      What other athletic things do you enjoy?
I enjoy watching almost all sports (except NBA basketball). I love to play golf and I love to be outside in general (hiking, camping).

3.      Where did you grow up?
Brooklyn Park, MN - northwest suburb of Minneapolis, MN 

4.      Why do you currently live where you do?
Interesting question - I met my wife Leslie when we were in college and she was a couple of years behind me in school. I knew when I graduated that I wanted to marry her so I stuck around, got a job here and have been here ever since. We bought our first house last April so now we're stuck here in a way.

5.      Where is your favorite place in the world?
I love being wherever the people I love in this world are. I love being at home with my wife, I love spending time with her and my families and I love spending time with our friends.

6.      Do you know how to do something that not everyone can do?
I can play the cello? Does that count?

7.      What foods do you hate?
Papayas, they taste like garbage.

8.      What kind of car do you drive, and why did you buy it?
I drive a black 2009 Kia Optima. I bought it because it got good gas mileage, it looks decent and it was in our price range.

9.      Have you ever quit anything? Why?
I've quit things yes - the reason was that I wanted to make myself a better, more productive person.

10.  What was your major? If you could go back in time, would you pick something else? (If you didn't go to college, what would you major in if you did?)
My major was Psychology - I started out as a Cello Performance major but switched. If I could go back, I would go for Business, Finance or some other pursuit where your degree can actually be used for something. I loved studying psychology - but my degree is pretty worthless otherwise.

11.  Where did you go to college? Why? (And if you didn't go, why?)
Went to Wheaton College. At the time I was applying I thought I wanted to get into Music, and I liked the cello professor at Wheaton the best, he ended up leaving after my freshman year and I ended up leaving the Conservatory.

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  1. Your wife is obviously super awesome! I love that you run because you're good at it, where as i run specifically because i am bad at it!

    (also, papaya's do suck. thanks for reminding me!)